No two neighborhoods are alike. Neither are any two Hotel Indigo® properties. When you stay with at Hotel Indigo Downtown Los Angeles, you’re not just staying anywhere, you’re staying somewhere.

You can taste the local flavor on our menus and see it in the art and photography displayed on our walls. You’ll catch guests and neighbors hanging out in our bars, get great advice from our team members on what to see and do in the neighborhood, and be refreshed by just how relaxed and inviting it all feels.

With an enduring history of entertainment and a unique melting pot of cultures, downtown Los Angeles has become an international hub for artists, musicians and creators of all kinds.

In 1894, the first La Fiesta de las Flores brought multicultural crowds together for an entire week of parades with floral carriages, live performances, and carnivals. However, the opulent ballroom galas and after-parties were the main attractions, kick-starting Los Angeles’ lively reputation.

Even Prohibition couldn’t stop the spirit of fun. Speakeasies popped up around the area, providing places for patrons to hear jazz, dance the Charleston and enjoy vaudeville acts, all while sipping on the outlawed drinks of the day.

Soon, the city’s energy and beautiful landscape drew filmmakers from across the country, creating a booming industry that still thrives downtown — our neighborhood hosts the Grammys, Emmys, American Music Awards and ESPYs each year. For a cultural, global and creative experience, there’s no place quite like downtown Los Angeles.